Index Living Mall was developed in 2002 by Mr.Pisit Patamasatayasonthi, The CEO of Index Interfurn Group under the Specialty Mall for Home Furnishing Concept that is the largest center of Furniture and Home Decorative items. Index Living Mall has become the first Specialty Mall for Home Furnishing in Thailand, which offers the best design, the best selection of material. We have never stopped the development of our best quality product and service for home owners.

The first branch of Index Living Mall is Rangsit branch launched in December 2002 and continuing to 19 branches throughout Thailand. Our locations are near the residential area with good infrastructure. We provide the convenient car park and others for our customer. We will continuously expand our branches over Thailand.

At Index Living Mall, we will never stop improve our products and services, especially for furniture and home decorative items. Index Living Mall has ready to serve your home solutions that match every lifestyle for more than 30 years. Until today, We still introduce new innovation, seeking for new design and new function of furniture pieces, that always match with the latest trend .

Our success can be explained via the award of best quality and design as follows

  • Prime Minister’s Export Award of furniture in 1996, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008
  • Superbrands Award for Winner Furniture in 2005 till now.
  • TIFF Export award for Furniture in 2008
Index Living Mall
Infinite idea and design of home decorative items and furniture at Index Living Mall – The largest Lifestyle Mall for home furnishing of Asia. Moreover 2 millions square feet in 17 branches throughout Thailand will inspire you to touch and feel the world class design, technology, quality, and special service that never ends idea and creative design for your home and special space.
Index Furniture
The best quality furniture that are designed by the world class designer and the leading designer of Thailand. Index Furniture answers all modern lifestyle with all functional design in many categories.
Trend Design
The imported furniture with the best quality and elegant design.
Winner Furniture
The value for money-furniture that respond to modern generation users.
Office Furniture, which is the best choice for your work life.
The world’s best mattress from USA which received the American’s Favorite Mattress Award.
The healthy mattress for all generation that develops the sleeping support to any lifestyle for the best rest and good sleep.